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Owens River 2018 Fishing Map and Fishing Report, Mono Hunting, Public, Clubs, and Ranches

Owens River  Fishing Map and Fishing Report and Mono Hunting on Public Land, Clubs and Ranches

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 Fishing Report and Map 2016 Owens River

 Owens River both above the lake and below the dam holds s some pretty nice fish in  there, holding both  browns and rainbows.
Below  Crowley Lake is open year-round, but above  the lake is  open only during the general  trout season. CATCH-AND-RELEASE ONLY on public lands with barbless artificial flies and lures only.
Up River from the town of of  Bishop is  wild trout waters  . Both  native and stocked trout  from  around 12 inches up to 20 inches.
As seen in our Fishing Map, the Upper  Owens is above Crowley Lake and snakes around the valley  with many detours and alternative  channels.
You can fish the upper  stretch from its entry into lake  up to where it enters private property.  Lots of anglers go from the Benton Crossing  Bridge,  where usually it is stocked  but still there are some sizable  3- to 5-pound  brown trout.   Some brown trout  fishing right below the Crowley dam, but because of  the pipeline, the gorge area  between Crowley Lake and Pleasant  Valley Reservoir is not accessible.
Our fishing map shows that from the Pleasant Valley dam to the  Five Bridges,  the  Owens River is designated as a wild trout  fishery and trout here are mostly I2 to 16  inches , the trout  naturally holding their own population .
Our fishing report indicates Panther Martin lures, Rooster  Tails  work well but stay barbless, please., and Fly fishing is also popular  here with March Brown and Captains  as two of the preferred patterns.  The river gets brush heavy near Bishop,  but there is  good spots to fish. 

 Private Fishing Maps and Oregon and California Hunting Clubs, Hunting Ranches

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Also, if you want very specific county by county information on fishing and hunting clubs in California  and Oregon for private fishing, hunting clubs, and exclusive network of hunting ranches
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